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So, you want to learn to solder?  Purchase a seat for our Soldering workshop.  Our brother makerspace at the Public Library has been generous enough to provide space for this workshop that Chatt*Lab will be teaching.  Many thanks to Nate and Meg for providing a location.  We hope to do future workshops at our space once the dust settles.

For you Mom’s out there that are looking for a good gift from the kids for their Dad, this is a great gift idea, and it will be ready for Father’s Day (workshop is the Saturday before Father’s Day).

The workshop costs $35 and you get a really cool device that turns off pretty much any TV you can find in the USA.  There’s even a way to make it turn off European and Australian TV’s if you prefer.

If you aren’t familiar with the TV B Gone, check out the Adafruit site: http://www.adafruit.com/products/73

The workshop will be June 15th (Saturday) at 10 am at the Chattanooga Public Library, 4th floor.  We only have 9 seats remaining, so register now to reserve your seat:  http://chattlabtvbgoneworkshop.eventbrite.com/  .

3 Responses to “TV B Gone Workshop – Learn to Solder!”

  1. Dorita Kesley says:

    Help, I usually maneuver well around the net, but for what ever reason chat areas / post like this drive me crazy. I just dont get it. I had to finally think to use my history button to get back to where i could leave this message and I promise you I have not gotten back to where you left me that answer to my posted question yet. I saw it that once then it is gone…lol
    I am still very interested in any classes that my grandsons (and in a few yrs my grand daughter) can learn or even just experience something new. And yes I did know soldering was what I was asking about but I am dingy and it shows up mostly in word usage so you may find me calling soldering – welding .. lol Just thank the good lord you are not that way and laugh when you notice me doing it.
    Seriously about your classes vs membership, I realize now that there are two different things. I thought you had to be a member to participate in classes. Please tell me how to get on that list or what ever you called it, to be notified as early as possible to get my grandsons involved in any available classes that give them hands on experience in just about any field.
    I know this sounds really stupid of me but please give as specific directions for signing up for whatever I need as like I said I can swap or misuse one word and never get to where I want to go on this computer.
    Me and the Betty White characters she has played have lots in common . So please make instructions for how to sign up for notifications, step by step.

  2. Dorita Kesley says:

    Waiting on next workshops.

  3. Jason Brown says:

    We will have more coming later this year.

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