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IMG_20130528_191528Last night we were delighted to have one of our largest turnouts with many new faces. Dan Baker, local mold-making expert turned graphic designer, who has piloted a replica R2D2 for years. This was a lot of fun as who doesn’t like R2? Dan gave us the full tour of the build (he brought his build log along) including the challenges and some overall information about the R2 builders scene. To see Dan and his R2 next, you may need some baseball; they will be appearing at the Chattanooga Lookouts game on June 28th which just happens to be Star Wars Night at the ballpark. Look for fellow makers there!

On the build front we are pleased to report that Jason Brown has the RFID access control working a charm. We are testing it for a few days before calling it operational but things are looking good.

The goal stated in our first meeting was to be open for memberships by June 1. That goal appears to be within reach. Stay tuned.

Thanks for everyone who attended, with a special shout out to the Co.Lab makers that came by to check it out.

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  1. Jesse says:

    Tim, interesting things y’all are doing. Would a person be able to stop by the location to see what all Chattlab has to offer to it’s prospective members? And also, is Dan Baker still in the business of mold-making? if so could I have has contact info? thank you for your time….. Jesse

    • Tuesday nights are our open meeting nights. They start around 7pm so you are welcome to come by and check it out then. The space is coming along slowly but surely. Made some great progress last weekend and will be finishing up a few things this weekend that will take us a notch upward.

      Yes Dan Baker, the master mold maker, has been seen around with an R2 unit close behind. I’d like to give you his contact info here but it would violate our privacy policy. Just between you and me, it has been rumored he is a part of our Google+ Community page.

      Hope to see you soon.

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