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State of the *Lab


Last Meeting Highlight: This small 3D printed vehicle has working wheels and doors!

Glad to report we have a few areas of progress since the last post. Our goal has been to prep the space for membership by June 1, 2013. Some accomplishments include:

  1. The most important: An energetic attendance of a variety of folks from the community!
  2. The space is secured with locks at each entrance/exit.
  3. We are managing our own internet traffic (50mbps).
  4. The leaks in the woodshop room have been fixed (!).
  5. An RFID electric latch has been installed.

We are still tracking toward that goal but a few things have to come into place in order of priority:

  1. Leverage existing wiring to power the RFID access system.

Beyond that there is (always) more work to do to get us set up properly:

  1. A large conduit and wire run to a new panel (think $$$).
  2. Workbenches and chairs.
  3. Pull down projection screen.
  4. Mount our projector (have the mount).

Once these are in place we really have a complete picture. Sure the circuit wiring and machinery need to be wired and placed but that is almost a celebration, not a chore!

We hope to see you Tuesday nights at 7pm for our public meeting.

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