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Chatt*Lab is a Chattanooga based makerspace that is owned and run by dues paying members that share a leased space with tools that help us make neat things, and to teach one another by example or by workshops.

We are currently seeking Chattanooga makers to join our ranks as charter/founding members.  The deadline is either the end of November, or until we get up to 20 members.  Any new member requests after that point will need to go through an approval process that the club has yet to determine.

Our online application form can be found here:  ChattLab Membership Request

Membership is $50/month which is a great deal considering what you will get.  What does membership get you?  Great question.  Charter membership at Chatt*Lab has the following benefits:

  • Name on wall and wiki as a Charter Member (unless requested otherwise).
  • Key fob access to our space, and access to all the tools.
  • Member Storage.  Keep some of your private stash here so you don’t have to lug it in each day.
  • Voting privileges to help direct where our club goes, and elect officers.
  • Discounts on all of our workshops.  (Basically, at cost).
  • Access to the Tool Pool, a sequestered set of take home DIY tools for home projects.

Also, most importantly, your membership now helps us get off the ground and get started with the space we are considering within the next month or so.

To join, just fill out the following form.   ChattLab Membership Request .

If you have any questions on Chatt*Lab or membership, contact Jeff or Michael.

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