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japan-h-2a-rocket-launchThat’s correct…we are officially taking memberships on a go forward basis. We’ve worked hard to get the people and process in place to make this happen. It is almost certainly not perfect but we can begin the process of building our membership. We’ve combined what other makerspaces have learned to roll out a membership process that is quick and provides a sane approach to bringing on new folks.

The space is coming along amazingly well and the value has already been demonstrated over the past meetings where fellow makers have spontaneously stepped up and shared their expertise. This has been tremendously rewarding to observe.

There are a couple of things you will need to know before going to the Chatt*lab Member Application form:

  1. $50/month membership fee (PayPal request sent to you after you complete form)
  2. A current member in good standing who can serve as your Member Mentor (come to the makerspace any Tuesday at 7pm to meet one of us)

It was over a year ago that the idea for a makerspace here in Chattanooga was hatched. There have been a number of times I never thought we’d get to this post. So glad to be pushing the ‘Publish’ button on this!

Thanks to everyone who has helped make Chatt*lab a reality over the past year and beyond.

7 Responses to “Open for Membership!”

  1. Chris Jennings says:

    $50/month, or a year? Is this right? What does this include?

  2. Tom McDunn says:

    I wish I was closer. I would join in a heartbeat. Great job in getting this set up. I’m looking forward to the next meeting I can attend.

  3. I heard about your different sort of club on NPR today. I tried to register, it never sent me an email back.
    As a grandmother, I have two grandson’s ages 11 and 8. My oldest is getting good grades in science and interested in everything under the sun. My daughter is a single mom and truthfully their dad (they are divorced) lives 6 hours away and does not make it here very often.
    I would love to bring both grandsons and only be there for parental guidance and leave them to participate, (I could read a book or do something like sweep the floors or clean bathrooms). The oldest is very mature and capable of things at least three years past his 11 yr age group. (On the show they said they taught light electircal welding to a 8 yr old?)
    But want to find out if you have a family group rate. lol.. Considering how far I live out from your meeting place (as I understand it) the gas alone will be a steep issue. Then one hundred for two little guys is good for what you are doing but steep on my end. And I dont know if the youngest would be even interested yet. Although he seems currently interested in Architecture “bridges” especially. He is my builder and the older one is our science wiz.
    So let me know. And if we dont ever come down and join please accept my thank you for what you are doing for Chattanooga, and the surrounding area. I have always been fascinated with making any thing. This is such a great idea!

    • Thank you Dorita for your kind comments. I can tell you ‘get it’ when it comes to cultivating interests in your grandsons. I’m not sure membership is what is best in your scenario given challenges you mention. I do think that future workshops are the perfect place to introduce your grandsons to doing fun stuff with electronics, etc. (by the way, it was soldering not welding (!) that we have great success teaching kids even younger than 8).

      When we are a bit more established, we will offer a family membership option, and those will come with very specific rules around minors and their family members. But suffice it to say, we are just getting started and, more generally, a salty bunch of funny looking, somewhat foul smelling, often foul mouthed propellor heads is not exactly a kid friendly environment. Not to mention the obvious environment safety that we must enforce in ways that may not be understood by an 8 nor 11 yo. At this point in time, Chatt*lab is an adult environment the vast majority of the time and will accomodate minors in the future.

      We want to do lots of workshops like the one Jeff lead last Saturday, which are very kid friendly and encouraged for them as long as an adult is leading them. We think it is a great way to expose folks to making fun stuff. I hope you will subscribe to our RSS feed or join our Google+ Community (here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/118354041207753223936) and stay tuned for more workshop news in the near future. Also you may be surprised to find if you reveal in your profile your general geography, there may be folks next door making great stuff every day.

  4. James says:

    I noticed one of the privileges mentioned is “use of tools and machinery, once properly trained.” How will the training be made available? Through workshops only? Will there be a cost? Will there be opportunities to demonstrate safety and competency with a tool/machine without having to attend training? Thanks in advance for your response. I can’t wait to get in there!

  5. Jake says:

    I stumbled across your website today. I am an environmental scientist with strong conceptual, mathematical, and observational skills. I am a founder of an emerging locally based machine to machine data transfer technology company with primary focuses on agricultural and transportation sectors. I am interested in attending a meeting and partaking in nerdy conversations. I noticed while browsing around your website that you have traditionally had meetings on Tuesday nights in St. Elmo. Are you having a meeting tonight? If so I would like to join. I live on 41st street so I’m not too far away.

    • Come on over! Google maps is accurate for the address. Come through the gate (unlocked) and look for a door with our name on it. Need to work on signage.

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