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IMG_20130514_192346Big thanks to everyone who came out for our weekly meeting last night.

Jesse Guardiani from CreateThis.com gave an introduction to some basic hand tools with demos. I especially appreciate the sharpening demo as it made installing the electronic latch for the front door much easier to finish!

Duane Rousseau from the Creative Discovery Museum was kind enough to outright give us a really sweet Delta drill press (15″ freestanding!). A huge addition to our stationary tool landscape.

I also promised a link to the layout Sketchup I had thrown together to get the conversation going for what goes where. See:

IMG_20130515_103535Overall updates:

  • Security: Entire compound is secure with razor wire around the majority of the perimeter; RFID system bench tested and latch installed. Need to wire it up! Commercial lockset ordered to replace the wimpy residential hardware in place now.
  • Leak: Requested gravel be removed by maintenance from roof so I can push the roof into place and seal.
  • Network: Located our spare router, cat6 is already in place for the run to the comcast box. Will work fine for a while. EPB later.
  • Tools: Lathe granted to us just need to coordinate a date for heading down to get the beast. Ditto on Bridgeport.
  • Benches: Talked about layout a bit (see above) and have a general plan. Casters are a requirement so we can flex the space not only during our learning phase with the new digs but as a means of agility.

I’m sure I left out a few items so please remind me if I missed something major.

Otherwise, thanks again and I can’t wait to see everyone again next week!

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