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8563632110_b616099a24The not so recent Maker Day at the 4th Floor was a huge success. If you attended you were among over 1100 who attended that day all to celebrate, discuss, and learn about 3D printing and scanning technologies.

Jason Brown and myself put in a dizzying day of conversations and questions from the folks. The only word that came to mind to describe the interest afterwards was rabid. The event, if you didn’t attend, was from 11-4 but it consisted of a massive blur from about 10:30 to well after 5pm. A smashing success by any measure. I had people from 80 years old to my own 4 year olds asking questions and exploring the concept of ‘what can I create?’

The other amazing thing about the event was the fact that it was a launch party for the 4th Floor as Chattanooga’s first public makerspace. While Chatt*lab has been private for almost a year, we helped get this off the ground in a big way through planning and collaboration with the Library, naturally, but also Co.lab, engage3D, and the Sim Center just to mention a few. We had more and more groups coming out of the woodwork and pitching in to attend and spread the word. It was a frenzy up to the day of the event.

MAKER DAY06Makerspaces happen when the community comes together around a specific catalyst. Often times this is 3D printing, or quadcopters, or some sort of thing that everyone has enough interest in to want to know more. It is evident 3D printing is that catalyst for Chattanooga based on the attendance.

We celebrate the 4th Floor’s launch and share the vision for making in Chattanooga.

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